Concrete Castle Symphonies – Community Playlist

Concrete Castle Symphonies – Community Playlist

Are you a music producer or musician looking for a way to promote your music without spending money?

Do you want the Spotify algorithm to recognize your work more and be featured in our free community playlist?

Are you tired of giving away payment info or other sensitive data just to find out that the promised exposure never arrives?

If any of this applies to you, then welcome to Concrete Castle Symphonies, home of the free community playlists! We want to help you grow your audience by featuring your music in our Spotify playlist system. All you need to do is send us your track and we will take care of the rest!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • How can you offer such a service without expecting anything in return?
    • The music promotion market is full of scams and people who promise you so much while delivering next to nothing. Our goal is to support independent and upcoming artists, we make our money elsewhere!
  • Are there any limitations regarding the genre or style of music I can submit?
    • Absolutely not! Feel free to send in which ever song you want to promote on Spotify. We have all kinds of genres in our playlist system, from house to techno to new wave reggae, all the way to hip hop.
  • How many songs can I send in?
    • Currently, we only accept one song per artist in our promotional playlist. This limitation may seem harsh but offering a free and permanent Spotify playlist slot has resulted in some artists submitting their entire catalog of music in the past, overloading our servers. Shared infrastructure will always be limited somewhere, so be kind and only send in one of your tracks. By the way: Having one of your songs in a playlist will automatically increase the ranking for your others too, so no need to worry!
  • Sounds great! How can I get my song listed?
    • That’s easy! Just click the link below and provide us with your song details. It will get added to the currently active promotional playlist within a couple of days, but remember as this is a completely free service, we don’t promise any audience growth or revenue boosts. Just a small hint for Spotify’s algorithm to recommend your song to more people!

Submit a song now!